Insomnia Dubai

What's On

Major Games Publishers

Publishers who have a presence at Insomnia have access to hard-to-reach gamers.


Customers can experience first-hand these ground-breaking innovations that expands beyond gaming.


At the Insomnia Gaming Festival, teams from all skill levels compete in open tournaments for cash prizes.


The Insomnia Expo Hall is home to the latest gaming products, merchandise and tech.


Mobile gaming is the most popular form of gaming in the MENA region, a dedicated zone highlighting the many mobile advancements.

Workshops & Keynotes

A dedicated learning space for industry professionals to teach guests certain skills revolving around tech and gaming as a whole.


This is the classic Insomnia Gaming Festival experience, where gamers bring their own setups and spend the duration of the show immersed in games.


A section designed for up-and-coming developers to present their unique and innovative concepts in front of industry leaders and consumers.

Drone Racing

Guests will be able to watch professional races from the viewpoint of the drones on the screens, and will also be able to try their hand at flying the drones.

Live Music

Live acts can be present at the event to help drive ticket sales, add unique and bonus content to the festival.

International Pavilion

These pavilions will highlight diversity in the gaming industry and help countries expand their reach into the Middle East.


A masquerade competition allows customers to show their artistic talent in recreating their favourite characters.